Sunday, January 29, 2012

CompSci social life!

I don't know what it is about the compsci degree, but everyone there seems so much more fun than in the Chemistry department.

Actually, I *do* know what it is!  They're all massive, massive geeks.  That suits me just fine, especially since on like the second day some guy approached me and asked if I'd like to be a part of the newly-formed LAN gaming club on campus, to which I could only respond "Yes.  Yes I would."  The chemistry students, though equally smart, were far more bro-ey in their pastimes, which mostly involved:

1)  Heavy drinking.
1)  Ultimate frisbee.
2)  Complaining about research.
3)  Heavy drinking.

However, the Standard Compsci Psyche DOES have its downside, in that a few of these folks seem hell-bent on proving they're smarter than other people to a degree I never noticed in a Chemistry department.  Actually, it's really just one guy in particular.  My discrete math class is peppered with exchanges like:

Professor:  "X is true."
That Guy:  "But isn't Y true under Z conditions?"
Professor:  "That's... yes, but that's not really related to the current subject."
That Guy:  "Well, I feel like it's important to bring it up.  Furthermore, I think it's important for everyone to note that, if we disregard A, B is true.  And furthermore...."

"Sit back down, please."

Monday, January 23, 2012


Mini-review rampage?  That's small time, Blake.  Gotta think big!  Get with the program!



is a story about a girl who may or may not have had her soul stolen by a cat.  Also, teenage angst, but in a good way!  I found that it gave me my daily dose of pathos without the side-effects of existential depression and angst that accompany me whenever I read anything remotely literary.

Unfortunately, if you were looking for a primer on survival techniques while at sea, or a treatise on deep-sea whaling (as I was initially hoping for on reading the manga) you will be sadly disappointed, as the author RENEGED on the implicit promise made by the title in delivering ALMOST NO technical information regarding protocols for such activities.  Not even the general rule of fast fish vs. loose fish!  Therefore I am forced to knock it down a unit, putting it at a grand total of three thousand eight hundred and sixteen arbitrary units (AU).  Still, I greatly enjoyed it, would read again!


I greatly enjoy the Gothic architecture and grimdark grim darkness of the setting-- I really love any sort of artwork involving huge machinery.  Now, I don't mean just garden-variety huge-- I'm talking things like




and Warhammer 40k sates this urge!

On the other hand.... their primary protagonists (the Space Marines) are largely without personality, being modeled on the warrior-monks of old.  Plus, they don't have junk.  Who wants to play a guy without junk?

It therefore gets from me a rating of four thousand five hundred and three AU.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Does anybody know the name of this meme?

I'm trying to find the extra-large template for this foul construction (now with more profanity!), BUT I HAVE BEEN UNSUCCESSFUL.  Assist me in my quest!  Or there will be... consequences.