Monday, March 12, 2012

CSI: New Haven

"Sir, sir!  The flagship Gesselschaft has crashed into a building!"
"What?  Has anyone been injured?"
"Thankfully not, sir-- it seems to just be superficial damage, but it'll need to come in for repairs regardless."
"Hmm.  Troubling.  It seems odd, though-- do you know what caused the accident?  I know Captain Wright to be an excellent pilot."
"Didn't you know, sir?  Wright went on shore leave about a week ago.  He wanted to spend some more time with his family."
"Who was piloting, then?"
"Alice Wong.  She--"
"Alice?  But she's a newbie!  All she's ever done is pilot a skiff!"
"I'm getting to that, sir.  She's being supervised by her father, Joseph Wong, who's been with us for twenty years; this was meant to be a training mission of sorts for her."
Shrug.  "Well, I guess I shouldn't be surprised this ended badly, Jenkins.  After all, every schoolchild knows that two Wongs....."

"...don't make a Wright."